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Ads on OTT Platforms Can Help You Reach Your Target Customers Faster

OTT is a new type of advertising. Television has changed a lot in these recent years, and that also altered the perspectives of the viewers. OTT ads provide the possibility of reaching out to a specific customer group, and OTT platforms are an alternative to traditional TV ads. 


Rendement Technologies is one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata. We offer the best solution for all types of OTT ad needs for different types of businesses. We at Rebdement, offer result-oriented advertisement services, so you can run a successful ad campaign on various OTT platforms. Over-the-top or OTT ads include channels like Amazon Prime Video, Hoichoi, Sun NXT, SonyLIV, Eros Now, Voot, ZEE5, Gaana, Disney+ Hoststar, and more. Our services can help you with dynamic OTT platform ads, so you get faster and better conversion results.

Display Your OTT Ads on Amazon Prime, Disney +Hotstar, Netflix and More

OTT advertisement is the new approach for better marketing. OTT platforms are used in laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles, and TV. However, it’s important to note which device your target audience is most active on. Once you understand that, it’s time to re-target the audience on social media platforms and on various channels that offer call-to-action prompts.


We at Rendement Technologies offer custom-made OTT ads for our clients, so they get better solutions for marketing and get increased ROI. 

The entertainment world is surpassing the cable industry. Using advanced technologies, we can help you connect with your target audience from all platforms. The benefits you can get from us- 

We help you connect with your target customers in a better and more advanced way

Our job is to deliver you increased conversion and ROI through OTT ads.

Our working process involves the corporation of cutting-edge technologies and unique ad creation. This can help you get improved results.

We carefully curate the ads so the target customers feel compelled to interact with your business after watching the OTT ads.

We also, do not use third-party cookies in our ads.

OTT Ads Solutions on Popular Streaming Platforms

We display your brand ads on popular OTT platforms.

Refined Ads

According to the ad requirements, analysis, and frequency, we refine your ad campaigns on the OTT platforms.

Proper Analysis

We analyze the OTT streaming platforms and create in-depth reports on their functionality and their flaws.

Plan Execution

We carefully make the videos, so you get a strategic video ad on OTT platforms. We create the ads based on your company's requirements only.

Competitor Analysis

We move with complete strategies only. We track your rival companies and understand their importance, so it can keep you at the top of the competition.

Our OTT Ads Services at Rendement Technologies

We offer a comprehensive package for OTT ads from Rendement Technologies. You will get affordable rates and top-notch customer support from our dedicated team. 

Multi-Screen Apps

We create a white-labeled service that is made for the videos of your ads, and we stream the advertisement in multi-channel apps.

Video Monetization

We provide video monetization for your ads that can create revenue from PPV, MVOD, Mx Player Ads, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD.

Video Management

We offer a cost-effective video service that helps you optimize the expense of digital videos and their running cost.

Content Management

At Rendement Technologies, we offer premium content for your OTT ads. We are always trying to achieve the objectives of the services so you can meet your marketing goals.

OTT Strategies and Audit

We guide you to build OTT-related business models and strategies. We also audit the existing channels like Disney +Hotstar, Voot, and others.

Why You Should Invest in OTT Ads?

Improved Audience

OTT ads are an improved type of advertisement system, and you can receive more conversions from these ads. We at Rendement Technologies can guide you to post the best and unique OTT ads. We have years of experience in this platform, and we provide the ideal plans for OTT ads based on your business requirements. For more queries, contact us today.

Free-to Stream

Many OTT apps allow users to give ads for free. We at Rendement Technologies take advantage of these apps as well, so you can get better returns on your products or services.

Increased ROI

Get increased ROI from OTT ads services of Rendement Technologies. The over-the-top services can offer increased conversions and sales. Also, our expert team ensures that you get the best leads and more traffic to your social media pages and your website.

Latest Analytics

OTT ads directly use intelligence to decide if the advertisements are working, which is not using the details of your target customers. Based on this, it adjusts the optimization of future ads.

Ad Placement

You can change the ad creatives to on-demand or live video content with OTT ads. Just contact our team, and we can do it for you.

AI Tools

We use cutting-edge technology for OTT ads. We also use AI tools that can determine the growth of your investment and ROI.

Perfect Targeting

OTT platforms have built-in analytics to run perfect ads for a target audience. Targeting in OTT platforms is used for age groups, location, gender, browsing preferences, and more. A DIY approach cannot help you with it, but at Rendement Technologies, we help you focus on the specific customers. Also, you will get real-time results from the ads. We monitor the interactions coming from the OTT ads and provide monthly reports to our clients.

Inexpensive Rates

The data rates for OTT ads are low because lots of people in India are using this platform to view their favorite shows. This is a great opportunity for the visibility of your brand. Therefore, using the OTT platform for your business ads is highly profitable and efficient as compared to traditional ways.

How We Strengthen the Business Growth of Our Clients?

If you are wondering how we can deliver the best Google Ads services with increased ROI, you must understand that our experience and our professional team are at the root of it. Here’s a check out our working process at Rendement Technologies for Google Ads. 


We research relevant keywords for your business, so the target audience can find your brand when they create a search.

Marketing Ideas

We work with the best strategies and planning. Our team will offer the plans and strategies for your brand.

Competitive Analysis

You will never be far behind in the market competition. We monitor your competitors to spot the issues and help you to stay at the top.

Technical Analysis

You will get a detailed technical analysis of your business and more.


Some Frequently Asked Queries from Our Clients About OTT Ads

Find The Right Answers to Your Questions

Q. Is the future of OTT ads promising?

A. OTT ads are popular nowadays in India and other countries. OTT ads are cost-effective and can yield better responses. At Rendement Technologies, we have the best tools and better knowledge about this platform, and we ensure that you meet the goals of your business through effective OTT ads. 

A. It’s not a DIY task. For this, you need to hire professional help. We at Rendement Technologies offer affordable OTT ads services for all types of businesses. Contact us today to know more about our packages. 

A. OTT is over the top. VOD is a video on demand, and here you can watch any video on request. CTV is connected to the TV, which are the devices people use to access shows.

A. The cost varies on the business requirements and the size of the ads. However, we offer affordable rates for all types of OTT ads.

.A. It depends on factors like customer engagement and more. There’s no set time for this. It can take a week, or more than that. However, it can only work when you take help from professionals. 


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