Real Estate Business is a lucrative business that requires active, strategic, and focused attention to drive. Those who understand the importance of driving it through targeted advertisements and other very strong social media marketing strategies endeavor to put their best resources to bring the attention of every patronizing public to the knowledge of their existence.

Big time Real Estate Businessmen with a global reputation such as Canadian owned America’s Brookfield Asset Management, the current President of America, Donald Trump, and regional big names in India who have been named as the  Hindustantimes Top Ten Real Estate Developers of 2019 were able to gain deep market penetration through powerful, laser-focused and well-calculated marketing plans to reach their current, enviable global hold and in turn, have been handsomely rewarded.

Social Media Marketing

With the coming of the internet, folks have continually turned their attention to online marketing for wider, nay global reach to reach as many as possible who need their services.

Internet advertisement is great but you need a live community – social media brings life to the internet through its billions of daily interactions. Noting has yet matched its market penetration because of daily discussions, sharing of information from one group/platform to the other. It is very powerful and this is where you want to be!

Take Facebook, for example, various groups exist to serve endless needs of mankind and there are those that serve people with the availability of goods and services, their locations as well as contacts. People searching for real estate usually get into such groups for live interactions geared towards the satisfaction of people’s needs as well as understanding their tastes and values and the general trend at any given time.

As a businessman/woman, you can not only sign up with such social media groups but also use it to educate participants on what to look out for in terms of quality and other nitty-gritty surrounding this type of business. Besides, you’ll get a feel of what your customers need through the information they provide on these platforms. This will help you in designing, planning, and doing all you can to meet their expectations. By doing so you build a reputation, gain trust, get referrals, and on your way to dominating the market.

Social media is the life of the internet, folks literally live there and share their information as well search for answers on whatever needs they have and that’s why a real estate businessman needs to be live there as well.

Ways to Use Media to Advance Your Real Estate Business

Identify and Choose the Right Social Channels

Many social media platforms are available for your use in promoting your business. You should use their demographic features to determine and target the right audience based on demographics and location. Your chosen platform should provide you with such options as to location, age group, education, education, and the like.

Example of Some Social Media Platforms to Promote Real Estate

You should also not forget to use the LinkedIn social business network platform which has millions of users with various multiple demographics. Ensure to leverage these platforms to target your audience.

Another interesting social media channel is Pinterest where you can post your pictures and showcase the landscape of your property as well as the interiors for visual engagement of your audience. “Seeing is believing!” As people get the visual image of what you are offering their chances of engaging with you are raised by over 50%. Besides they can also share those images which interest them with their loved ones, family, and friends who may be needing your services and products and enable them to engage with you right away and get you more followers.

  1. Be Very Consistent

Social media are awash with millions of subscribers including businesses and brands. Many of these have established a strong foothold on these social media networks and this will pose a great challenge to newcomers in building a new community. The solution to this challenge is to make an impact by consistently posting relevant content on your social handles which must be relatable, too.

With consistency, you will start to build followership and create engagement. Regularly posting several articles in a day is key, Facebook experts advise 8 – 10 posts a day while Instagram is even more. Your posts will get liked, commented on, and shared by followers which will bring even more followers to your channel.

Already 77% of realtors are making the best out of social networks and you can be on your way to increasing that number with dedication and consistency.

With a minimum of 4/5 posts every day you will build a strong following in a not-too-long period, this community can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Where you do not have the time to learn how to or engage in social media activities you can the services of any of the Digital media marketing companies in India.

Kolkata has reputable Social media marketing companies that are rated among the top in India whose services can help you quickly gather a handsome following and build a reputation.

  1. Let the Pictures Speak

Real Estate business is largely visually appealing. Share your best pictures and their neighborhoods as well as the interior of the properties. Pictures speak more than words, people relate to what they see. A picturesque post depicting a serene environment harmonious with nature and showcases adequate security of its own, or being near a police/military post with access to good road and regular power supply as well as proximity to the airport/aerodrome, hospital, markets, and other essentials is sure to attract huge bidding from large interests resulting in good gains, high reputation and deeper penetration of the market.

  1. Testimonies Bring Life to Your Services

Constantly posting pictures to drive your market is not enough to get all the attention you need. If you have served customers and they are happy with your services request from them testimonies and flaunt such. Customers’ testimonies and reviews are a powerful marketing tool that emotionally appeals to your customers’ engagement whose desire would be geared towards getting similar satisfaction. Testimonies tell the people that your business is actually real and serving its purpose and that you can be trusted. Request customers who have given testimonies to share their social media handles for real-time interactions with prospective buyers and clients-this are where the word-of-mouth action gives you an added advantage. It is the natural and most powerful tool in marketing.

  1. Regularly Engage with Your Followers

Your followers must know and feel your pulse. What makes a social media community is constant engagement. This is achieved by ensuring that no question or comment goes unanswered on your social pages. You must respond to every tag that mentions your page for wider connection, regularly use your Facebook and Instagram story features to engage your followers by asking questions on a general level so as to understand them better.

Facebook Messenger interactions indicate that a follower wants a deeper engagement and such should be considered and related with as a potential and serious customer.

Going live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, etc is a very powerful way to take your audience on a live tour on a property. Live video has greater advantages over still pictures and assures your viewers of the authenticity of your claims. Those who recognize the property and its location will make comments to that effect boosting your chances higher and engaging the trust of customers.

Whatever platform you chose, don’t fail to do the following:

  • All your account bios must include your area of service, address and hours of operation
  • Have a well-written content with a call to action on your page such as Schedule a Meeting, Website Link and Call Now. These are necessary to drive conversions rather than just traffic.
  • Be professional. Post only relevant content on your business account page and ensure they optimally represent your interest. Always think of your clients’ perception of you and their views about the business. This should guide and inform your actions.
  1. Dish Out Quality Content

Always provide accurate, verifiable, and trustworthy content to your readers. Black hat tactics will soon ruin your business reputation and give you away allowing your competitors to quickly edge you out of the market with a low possibility of a comeback. Content is king on internet marketing and good content will rank you very high.

Realtor business is community engaging in nature, being truthful and honest is not negotiable as many people will pass through you as long as you are there.

Share your knowledge, promote yourself, and guide them through their decisions and choice-making processes by doing the following:

  • Post helpful articles about home buying and personal finance.
  • Regularly promote community events by posting pictures and videos
  • Your live videos will walk people through and give them inside views on prospective business.
  • Engage people on topics and discussions about the market on LinkedIn.
  • Talking about the market in a thought piece on LinkedIn.
  • Do surveys and interactive content as well as contests.
  1. Monitor the Results

Continuously monitor and analyze data results to measure your progress. This is really important for realtors. Social media analytics will help you do this by determining when to post for maximum effect and which channels produce the best results and when. Good timing of your posts helps to determine when to reach your audience maximally. Demographics will also help you determine where demand is surging and vise-versa.


The Indian real estate market is growing and has a great future but only the smart individuals who are ready to push their way to the top will emerge as leaders in the industry.

Take a bold step today and aggressively engage the social media to help you gain a strong foothold so as to position your business among the leaders.