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Now it’s 2021, and we’re bringing SEO 2.0 to our loyal customers who are looking to expand their businesses online following the COVID-19 outbreak. As a well-known SEO business in Kolkata, we feel that the world will never be the same again following the coronavirus effect. And it is at this point that you, as a business owner, must develop your online presence or organic rankings as soon as possible so that you can begin appearing on Google’s page 1 for your target keyword sets. Call us today to find out why we are ranked as the top SEO services agency in Kolkata by 94 percent of India’s search engine news magazines.

As the top Technical SEO service provider in Kolkata, we assess your site technically and assist you in obtaining online leads or page one ranking through organic SEO campaigns. Our 100% technical SEO services in Kolkata will catapult your rating in a matter of months without the use of any spam my backlinks. The great thing about our technical search engine optimization is that we focus a lot on schema markup, CTR, CRO optimization, pre-rendering testing, and so on. We also detect crawl errors, protect your site with HTTPS, set up proper 301 redirections after website migration, Java Script Block, and many other technical SEO optimization services for Kolkata clients.

Why we are the most popular SEO company in Kolkata?

Before deciding on the best SEO Company in Kolkata, West Bengal, you should speak with all of the top SEO companies in the area. And we bet the majority of local SEO firms will pitch you on off-page, on-page, page speed, and the same old strategies that have been utilized since 2013. Imagine that in 2021, those so-called popular SEO businesses are still employing obsolete SEO tactics that do not function well with Google’s BERT and Rank Brain updates. For additional information, please visit our service page.

We Focus on Semantic SEO Approaches

We create semantic SEO strategies for our customers, as well as web entity stacking, in which we focus on the correlation of terms using natural language processing. Then, using SEO tools such as UberSuggest, Ahrefs, keyword revellers, and others, optimize it.

We Transform Your Site with Technical SEO Services

As the finest SEO firm in Kolkata, our main differentiator is that we place a strong emphasis on data, unique content optimization, and incredibly technical SEO capabilities such as server log resolving and crawl budget optimization for your website. We also work on mobile-first indexing error repair, HTTPS, website silo structure correction, and many more projects. As a professional SEO company in Kolkata, we place less emphasis on link building and more emphasis on on-page SEO strategies with result-driven technical SEO services in Kolkata.

Why choose us as your SEO service Provider?

Search engine optimization is no laughing matter; you must be extremely well-trained in order to establish a website and then rank it in your chosen money keywords. To rank your website, you’ll need a certified team of expert SEOs that will be in charge of sending highly convertible organic traffic as well as PPC traffic to your business website.

If your product is good, we, as the top SEO Company in Kolkata in the city of joy, can easily convert your visiting visitors into long-term paying consumers to improve your local business with our white hat search engine optimization tactics.

How will we operate as the Best SEO Services Company in 2021?

  • Examining your current website and social media accounts for money keywords and brand visibility. Our website auditing procedure covers on-page auditing, off-page audits, and technical SEO audits for your website, such as server log issues, crawl budget concerns, and so on.
  • We will share our findings from search engine analysis with you, as well as suggestions for modifications. We believe that your current website development team will handle all of the search engine optimization improvements. However, if you require our assistance, we will gladly put them into action.
  • Assuming we collaborate, we will then develop an in-depth knowledge-based quality SEO action plan for your website in order for it to rank on Google’s first page. We feel that developing a website silo structure and architecture is critical in SEO.
  • We introduce you to our SEO manager and SEO professionals, who will work directly with you on your site to design an action plan based on our SEO service packages. She will be in charge of your website’s daily SEO reports, backlinks, and rank tracking from our end.
  • This is the final stage in which you shift the burden to us. While you sit back and wait for the ROI from SEO, our staff will take over the responsibilities. Within a few months, we will get your website on page 1 for money KWs because to our hard effort and high-quality SEO talents.


Corporate Designing Companies 

Visual identities cannot be static physical indicators any longer. We believe that simply designing corporate identities would not suffice, so we also develop and produce compelling experiences.

Corporate branding is the process of identifying the ideal opportunity to imagine why people should choose your brand over another. We help your brand increase its equity both directly and indirectly through creative advertising campaigns and other marketing strategies.

Our professional designers use their knowledge to swiftly develop the definitive simplistic, beautiful, and sophisticated brand logos, brochures, corporate presentations, product designs, bespoke designs, and corporate stationery.

UI Designing | UX Designing 

Modern users are savvy, demanding, and have high expectations. They desire items and services that are valuable in some way. They want them to be pleasant to the eye, emotionally fulfilling, and simple to learn, use, install, maintain, and upgrade. In a competitive business environment, the need to attract new customers and keep existing ones drives organizations to develop goods and services that provide intuitive and customized experiences.

UX is defined as a person’s perceptions and reactions as a result of using or anticipating using a product, system, or service. UI design is a balancing act between technological tasks and visual cues aimed to keep visitors on a page, on a site, and ensure they respond to you in the proper way—such as making a purchase or signing up for a subscription.

Web Development Services

The first thing that can bring you customers is how beautiful your website is. As website development is our passion, we strive to provide you with the best layouts possible while keeping the target audience in mind.

Web design and development is a dynamic technology that changes virtually weekly. We have an in-house R&D team that is continually creating and testing new technology and frontiers. This distinguishes us and means that our clients frequently obtain a product that is completely fresh and unlike anything their competitors are doing.

Most website construction businesses create exceptional business websites that appear nice as a brochure but lack conversion optimization, interaction, and customer connection. These uninviting websites are devoid of uniqueness and rapidly turn off customers. Sites with cookie-cutter templates are easy to put up. As a result, these sites almost never result in a profitable business because customers depart as soon as they come.

Ecommerce consulting

Ecommerce is a platform for online shopping that has enabled every retailer shop to go online and reach clients across geographical borders since consumers can purchase items such as shoes, clothing, and furniture while sitting at home.

  • Catalog Management
  • Product Browsing
  • Customer Service
  • Checkout, Payment, Shipping
  • Order Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools
  • Customer Account

We create exceptional, custom-made E-commerce solutions, and the ecommerce web development environments we create accumulate people, increase traffic, magnify experience, and drive revenue. We are professionals in assisting our clients in creating a fully-featured online shop with a smooth, safe purchasing procedure and all the design and management options they require.

Custom Software Development 

We are all aware that computers and software are a part of our lives – educational, professional, and personal – and that they have made our lives easier and more accurate, from e-commerce to rocket research. A software development process is a basic tool that allows a large group of people to collaborate on a project.

Mobile apps development 

Look around if you’re in a public place. What do you notice? You notice cellphones. Someone within a four-foot radius of you is playing a game, shopping online, or sharing personal memories via an app that connects them to so many other people. There is no turning back now that the world has gone mobile. In today’s world, having merely a website isn’t enough because a company’s online branding efforts are now being viewed through mobile media.

Web hosting solutions

First, let’s clarify a few points. Many of our clients are perplexed by the terminology used to describe their website. For most people, having an online presence consists of two things: e-mail and a website. Both of these necessitate the use of a domain name. “” is the name of our website. Because it is the most important aspect, your domain is always unique to you or your firm. It is what characterizes you on the internet. It connects various services, most notably your website and e-mail. There are some additional specialized services that you could want to offer.

Each of these services is maintained by a unique piece of software. Web server software manages your website; mail server software manages your email, and so on. Domain registrars handle the allocation and management of domain names since numerous services utilize the same domain name and domain names must be unique across the Internet.

Obtaining an available domain name and registering it is frequently more difficult than it appears because finding a decent available domain is difficult. The Domain Name Server is the link between your domain name and services such as email (DNS). In the simplest instance, your hosting company will also provide a DNS, but you can also use a third-party DNS administration tool. You’ll need a hosting provider once you’ve secured the domain name. A hosting service provider will often provide a web server, a mail server, secure FTP, and DNS.

Search engine optimization services

What is the significance of SEO? Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search; after all, being on the first page of Google is a significant deal. Your SEO rankings also have an impact on the consumer and prospect attitude because they indicate whether a firm is thriving or struggling.

What must also be avoided is the undervaluation of SEO as a marketing tool. SEO should be viewed as a necessary Branding practice. Another critical point that most businesses overlook is the importance of having an SEO plan in place in order to flourish online.

Search engine marketing services 

Companies are increasing their investment in search engine marketing over time. There is a lot of space for your organization to develop with the addition of mobile advertising, retargeting, and social ads to Google and Bing advertising.

  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Behavioral Retargeting
  • Display Retargeting
  • Search Retargeting
  • PPC Audit & Assessment

Our expertise in search engine marketing management extends to enterprise-level campaigns, with particular expertise in the Retail, CPG, Education, Consumer Services, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries. Our success in providing results stems from a distinct account management methodology based on a thorough study of search behaviour and an efficient blend of “Man and Machine.” The method combines analytically driven campaign managers with industry-leading reporting and technology, allowing businesses to gain actionable insights and achieve extraordinary performance.

Content writing services

Content Marketing and Writing are both new concepts for many businesses. We frequently see posts on social media seeking about writers that can create outstanding content for pennies on the dollar. We see a lot of aspiring authors go on and write for these microscopic agencies- the aforementioned scenario does not fit within the Pangaea of Content Writing and Marketing.

What you get out of these activities is short plagiarized content. And if you’re reading this, you’re most likely the type who is looking for the real deal. We generate and curate original material for your websites, manage your social media communities and pages, and write and maintain blogs. We produce visual and written content that reflects the values and philosophy of your company. It might be articles, press releases, newsletters, or other marketing content that requires a word twist. We have a team of creative storytellers who can create the greatest content for all platforms and mediums.

Landing Page Optimization Services

Do you want your lead generation to turn into conversions? This is where landing pages come into play. They aid in the conversion of more traffic into qualified leads. Landing pages are all about good ROI because they are only focused on turning visitors into leads. Whether you’re asking for contact information in exchange for a free white paper, a software demo download, or something else, a targeted landing page will convert more visitors.

Did you know that landing pages might help you save money on advertising? You may generate more leads and increase sales income by increasing conversions through targeted pages. This reduces costs, allowing you to invest more money into things like greater PPC ad expenditures or other strategies like SEO and social media outreach.

If you’ve never thought about what strong landing pages could do for your website, now is the moment. The importance of having an online presence is growing, so make sure you aren’t left behind as more firms, individuals, and organizations invest in their landing sites. We are here to provide an experience that will provide results for you. Creating the appropriate Landing Page is not rocket science; it simply requires talent and presence of mind – and we have a bandwidth that possesses both of these qualities.