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If you are planning to launch a responsive and user-friendly website for your business, then you need to utilize the best custom website service company in Kolkata. Rendement Technologies offer affordable custom website design and development packages, that can improve your business. Our expert team is here to provide an excellent service to create a custom website for your company.

We Offer Custom Website Services to All Types and Sizes of Businesses

Rendement Technologies

Get A Premium Quality Website at An Affordable Rate from Rendement Technologies

We are the top leading custom website creators in Kolkata. Our expert team is highly skilled and works with the latest trends and tools to ensure a perfect website that yields more conversions. We customize a website that is based on your business requirements and ensure it’s visually appealing and responsive.

At Rendement Technologies, we also offer round-the-clock maintenance service and cost-effective rates, so you never have to turn to another service. Our team update and optimize it properly so it offers secure and user-friendly performance. If you already have a business, website and you want to upgrade it, we can do it for you, and it will not cost you a fraction of what you pay to a local company.

Why is it Important to Have a Custom Website for Your Business?

There are various reasons why you might want a custom website for your brand. For instance, a perfectly customized website is a great way to increase the SEO and get more traffic to the website. A website is also a good way to display the products and services you are providing and offer information about it. Finally, this can be the one-stop solution for your target customers. This way you can boost sales faster than any other way.

Rendement Technologies

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The Creative Works of Rendement Technologies

Check out some of our WordPress development projects below to see how we can assist you with your business.


Why Select Rendement Technologies for Custom Website Services?

Being one of the major custom website service provider agencies in India, we offer a wide range of packages to our clients. We believe in working from scratch with our customers, so they can get a comprehensive approach. We create custom websites based on the business requirements and only to meet the goals of the client’s company.

Increased Conversion

We work with some specific goals in mind, and one of them is to offer increased conversion through a website. This is why, we make websites that are customized to the business needs and can perform well.

Comprehensive Options

At Rendement Technologies, we provide a wide variety of packages for custom website design and development. Once you choose one package, we can customize it according to your business needs.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience to claim our position as the top leading custom website service company in India. Our dedication and comprehensive services speak for our reputation.

Clear Pricing

We don’t believe in keeping anything hidden from our clients. Our work process is systematic and our pricing structure isn’t an exception. We offer clear pricing for all our services, and you will get details of the cost from our quotes.

SEO Friendly Website

SEO optimization is very crucial when it comes to the ranking of websites on search engines. We understand this requirement and provide the same for our client websites.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Our professional team is always there to serve you with the best guidelines. If you encounter any problem with your new custom website, we will be there to solve the issue immediately.


Custom Website Services

We Offer a Comprehensive Solution to Custom Website Services for Different Types of Businesses

Rendement Technologies

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Website

Our skilled team works relentlessly to offer a perfect custom website for your business. You will get a mobile and tablet-friendly responsive website at the end of the project.

Rendement Technologies

Colors and Branding

We can help you build a better branding experience for your target customers. We work with you closely to select the fonts and colors that represent your company.

Rendement Technologies

Flexible Website

Whether you want to add contact details or a blog post to the website, we make it easier for you to edit the site. You can make changes easily without our help on your new custom website.

Rendement Technologies

Contact Support

We offer a contact form on your website, so your customers can get in touch with you easily. Other than that, there will be contact details of your business, so your customers get better help.

Rendement Technologies

SEO Optimized Website

Search engine optimization is one of our fortes at Rendement Technologies. We do not provide you with the complete project until it's SEO optimized.

Rendement Technologies

Speed Optimization

The perfect speed of the custom website determines its ranking on the search engine as well. We run various tests to optimize the speed so the pages can load faster without any hassle.

Rendement Technologies

Prompt Action

You will get call-to-action features on your custom website. We create a website that is not only good-looking but has all the features that attract customers. So, whenever someone opens the website, they do not leave without taking fruitful action. We ensure that.

Rendement Technologies

Proper Support

After the launch of your business website, we provide dedicated technical support, so you get a seamless experience from the new site.


We Use the Best and Cutting-Edge Technologies to Ensure a User-Friendly and Responsive Website.


Our Working Process at Rendement Technologies

Our process of web design and development is the best in the industry. We work in a unique way to satisfy our customers.

Business Requirements

Our expert team dedicates hours to creating a custom website that reflects your business. We create both functional and visually-appealing websites that can improve conversion and generate more leads. We also ensure that your new website is user and mobile friendly.

Design and Structure of the Website

We build a structure that resembles your website's products and services. Whether it’s a site for a big or a small business, we ensure that the overall structure is useful for your target customers. Next, we focus on the design, and for that, we work closely with our clients, so they get exactly what they desire. We also send the structure to you for your approval, once you give us a positive signal, we start working on it.

Web Development and Integration

Custom website design requires premium development work and integration of various features. We add relevant services and features like images, videos, details, and apps to the website, develop it and optimize the site properly so you get satisfaction from our work.

Thorough Testing

We only deliver the project once we complete testing the website for functionality and speed. We test the site before delivering the final project. And after that, we like to follow up with maintenance services.

Maintenance Services

We at Rendement Technologies offer maintenance solutions to all our services, and custom website services are no exception. After the launch of your website, we offer maintenance and monitoring services, so you get a comprehensive solution. You can contact us anytime if there’s any glitch in the website or if any queries you have.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Website Services

Major Queries from Our Customers About the Service

A. Yes. All our custom websites are mobile and tablet friendly. You can open the site on any device and it will work perfectly.

A. The best way to find a perfect custom website service agency is to look for its reputation. There are various companies out there, but only a reputed company can give value to your project. Search for an agency that understands the business needs of your company, and offers a comprehensive approach. Also, check the cost and quality of their service to ensure their authenticity and standard in the market.

A. It depends on the business requirements and size of the company. We have tailored packages for custom website service, and we charge according to the package cost. However, if you need special attention or additional services, it can cost more. Whatever your requirement is, we offer competitive costs for all our services.

A. Yes, absolutely! SEO is the backbone of every business website out there, and we understand the importance of it. When we create a custom site, we ensure it’s properly SEO optimized, so it can rank higher on Google.

A. Only a professional developer and designer can bring your dream of a perfect website to reality. If you choose just anyone to do this work, they might do a bad job, and leave it mid-way so you can suffer with an incomplete website. But at Rendement Technologies, we are committed to our services and clients. We are experienced professionals in this field. Thus, you will always get a perfect custom website from us.

A. Yes, we create a flexible design for our client’s websites. Once we deliver the work to you, you can easily edit it or add features.

A. Normally, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete the work. However, it may take longer due to the size of the project and its requirements.