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Our Google Ads Services Are the Top Solution for Your Marketing Campaigns

At Rendement Technologies, we handle the Google Ads account and target the relevant keywords that drive buyers to your business website. High-quality keyword research determines the best approach to acquiring customers looking for exactly what your brand offer. We create efficient paid search campaigns concentrating on meeting your goals. When you invest in Google Ads services at Rendement Technologies, we help you achieve better connections with potential buyers. We provide the right keywords with competitor analysis. PPC management services, ad copy creation, and monthly Google Ads reports.

Improve Your Leads and Traffic with Expert Google Ads Services from Rendement Technologies

If you are not getting the right results from your Google ads campaigns, it’s time to move on to an expert service provider in Kolkata. We at Rendement Technologies understand the value of time and money, thus we offer a comprehensive approach to your ad campaigns. We have years of experience in this field, and we have worked with a range of businesses to know what your company needs to improve its sales and ROI. 

As a reputed Google Ads company in Kolkata, we increase the return on investment by using perfect ad campaigns, and A/B testing. We offer a timely and relevant update with clear campaign reports to you. We upgrade the structure of the campaign, create an attractive design and ad copy, and optimize it to offer the best results. 

IT Service for You

We know that every businesses’ needs are completely different from the next, so we offer packages for any business size or budget.

Predictable Costs 24/7

We doesn’t charge you more when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee programs covers all of that whenever you need it done.

Keeping Your Team Productive

Our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your key infrastructure, computers and network servers.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Part of what makes our managed services so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday.

We are the most reliable Google Ads Agency for All Sizes of Businesses

Why Hire Rendement Technologies for Google Ads Services?

  • • With Rendement Technologies, you will get improved leads from the target area.

  • • Always stay ahead in the market competition and enhance the market share by receiving more target audiences who are searching for products and services online.

  • • Track your competitors effectively, and know about their Google ads strategies to overcome the competition.

  • • Avoid the waste of time and money on Google ads, and find a better solution to Google ads campaigns.

  • • We add the best ads, so you never have to worry about meeting your goals and ROI.

  • • We are highly professionals, who work relentlessly on your Google ads profile.

  • • Increase the status of your Google ads and put your trust in our trusted services.

  • • Get a functional and custom landing page that yields more leads and responses quickly just after optimization.

  • • Get an out-of-the-box optimization solution for your website landing page.

  • • Receive transparent reports to understand the ROI and KPIs.

  • • Trust our years of experience and team dedicated to providing the best results from Google ads campaigns.

  • • With our help, you might get traffic from other countries and grow your business.

Our Google Ads Services at Rendement Technologies

Search Advertisements

Search ads are a form of Google ads that promotes the services and products of your website when the target customers use the relevant keywords to get the result. With Rendement Technologies, we help you find the target customers, at a specific location, and with the right set of keywords that elevates the search experience can increase visibility on Google.

Display Advertisements

With Google ads, we also offer advertisement displays on YouTube, Gmail, Google News, and other partners of Google, so your customers can see the advertisements everywhere whenever they open the service. This creates a better approach to your target customers and you can get better engagement for your business.

Re-Marketing Service

Just one approach might not do justice to your ads. Thus, we display your ads again and again until it yields a better result. This is called re-marketing and it has a greater chance of selling your products.

eCommerce Ads

this kind of ad will appear online when anyone creates a search for a specific product or service. We provide images and videos for these ads, so customers can express their interests immediately after seeing the ad.

Promotions of Apps

Mobile ads are an advanced version of Google ads. These advertisements generally appear on mobile applications. You can focus on your customers that generally engage with mobile apps, and for them create promotions. We can help you with this development, so you get better leads and conversion.

Google Ads Campaign Audit

If you are already running a campaign, and not receiving the desired outcomes, ask us to help you with an audit. We perform an in-depth Google Ads campaign audit to check its structure of it and optimize it to yield better results. Our team uses the latest tools and transparent methods to conduct the audit, so you get a detailed report and overcome the tough competition.

Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial for Google ads campaigns. We analyze your competitors, find out where they are getting the relevant keywords, then research more to find out the ones that customers are using to find out the services. We also handle the goals and budget you have based on your requirements and recommend solutions based on that only.

Progress Reports

We offer transparent and highly professional Google Ads campaign services for our clients. To ensure transparency, we offer monthly or weekly progress reports to you, so you can check the improvement in the campaign. Our detailed report includes information such as cost-per-click, conversion rate, click-through charges, and more. It allows you to make any kind of adjustments in the ads campaign.

Our Working Process

If you are wondering how we can deliver the best Google Ads services with increased ROI, you must understand that our experience and our professional team are at the root of it. Here’s a check out our working process at Rendement Technologies for Google Ads. 

Keyword Selection and Research

Research is the best way to find a better solution to keywords. At Rendement Technologies, our expert team engages in research just to find out the best and most relevant keywords for your ad campaigns. Just one wrong keyword can spoil the campaign, and for that, we offer extensive and careful research for keywords. We use the latest tools to find them and perfectly incorporate the same. The entire purpose of incorporating the right keywords into your ad campaign is to attract customers who are looking for specific products or services.

Ad Copy Creation

We create the best engaging ad copy for your campaign. We ensure that the content is relevant to your business, and it attracts the customers to click on it. Whether it’s an image or a text, we create the best content so your target audience can feel compelled to click on the ad and take action. Also, while creating campaigns, we note the usual behavior of your customers, by giving more importance to their purchasing style.

Optimization of Landing Page

The landing page is the face of your website and the ad campaign. Many companies fail to execute the campaign because of the poor functions and structure of the landing page. We understand this issue and provide a comprehensive solution. Our dedicated team optimizes the landing page before the campaign takes place, and ensures its functionality so your target customers get a seamless experience.

Target Location

We target a specific location and age group to sell your ads. At Rendement Technologies, we are aware of the casualties of not selecting the location and age group for customers. We ensure that your ads are impacting the specific places we selected for your business. Also, you can give us your input about the location you wish to target, and we will adhere to your desires. We ensure that the specific area customers get to see and interact with your ads. Not only that, our team ensures that it leads to conversion and ultimately meets the ad campaign goals.

Perfect Campaign Management

Most ad campaigns fail without delivering one conversion to the company. But you need a better result. Render our Google Ads services from Rendement Technologies to increase the visibility of your company, and get better ROI. We track and manage the ad campaigns and offer transparency to our entire work. With our years of experience with Google ads, we can create the ideal strategies and plans so that we can execute them to improve leads and conversions.

Competitor Analysis

We monitor your competitors in the market to ensure they never get the upper hand in the industry. First, we analyze the strength and weaknesses of your business and compare it with the rival agencies. If we find any glitch here, our first task will be to fix it immediately. After that, we engage in competitor analysis and check how they are creating their strategies, and where they are getting their customers. We are here to conduct a full analysis of your competitors, so you always stay ahead in the market competition.

Tracking of Conversion

How many people is liking your ads, and convert them into a buyer? We track this for your business. Conversion means, the Google ads are doing well, and your customers are not just buying the products but they are also downloading the app, signing up for the newsletter, or calling your company to know more about your service or products. It’s a huge task this tracking, and we at Rendement Technologies are constantly keeping our eyes glued to it.

ROI Monitoring

We offer this monitoring that allows you an insight into how much you have invested in the Google Ads campaigns and the amount of return you have received from it. We track this minutely for you, so you never lose any chance to understand the improvement of the ad campaigns. We use cutting-edge technologies and 12 data metrics to calculate and increase your business ROI.

Proper A/B Testing

This is one of the ideal ways to check and optimize the improvement of your Google Ads campaigns. It simply compares the various variables within the ad campaign to check and modify the relevant points that provide the best outcomes.

We Offer A/B Testing with 4 Levels

We offer proper A/B testing for our clients, and we do in-depth market research to yield better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Queries About Our Google Ads Services

Check Out the Answers to Some Top Questions from Our Clients

Q. What kind of participation do you need from your clients?

We offer clear reports for Google Ads. You can directly monitor the performance of your advertisement on the ad interface. Other than that, you will get a monthly report from our end. 


A. Both platforms are popular with mobile users across the world. We offer platforms that you suggest or that go with the reputation and requirements of your business. 

A. Yes, you can. However, we create a customized solution for you, for that you can switch to any package at any time, just let us know about your choices. 

A. Yes, we do. We offer tailor-made solutions for Google ads to our clients. We discuss the requirements with you and then provide you with a package that caters to your company

.A. It can take a few minutes or days. The result is based on your company objectives. We are here to give our 100% to the ads, but the timing is not in our hands. 

A. Unfortunately, no company can guarantee that. The ranking depends on various internal factors and changing algorithms.

. You can choose to invest according to your business needs. We have packages for Google ads, and you can select the right one for your company.

You can pay through a payment wallet, net banking, money transfer, or with your credit and debit cards. 

The cost depends on the types of ads and services you want to add. We don’t ask for anything extra, just the package you select from Rendement Technologies

There is no maximum or minimum cost for this service. We offer packages and according to your business requirements, the cost can decrease or increase. 

This is a free platform, but its working system isn’t that easy. You will always need the guidance of professionals to successfully use Google ads. 

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