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We are the Leading Native Android App Developers in Kolkata

We are one of the leading companies for Native Android App Development. A native Android app provides faster performance and is highly secure and dependableAndroid app development (native) is mainly implemented for game apps. Therefore, it requires great care to create such an application. Native app building refers to the creation of a single platform mobile application. These apps are written in C and follow the machine code of the particular platform. With a native Android app, there are fewer dependencies and bug issues. This is because it doesn’t rely on tools such as Cordova or Xamarin. As an experienced software company, we understand both your requirements and budget. We offer industry-certified Android app development services in Kolkata. Our mobile app development service is the finest in India, thus we can assure an excellent result for your business app. 

Excellent Native Android App Development Company in Kolkata

Rendement Technologies is the one-stop solution for native Android app development services in Kolkata. We create user-friendly, highly functional secured native apps that offer perfect performance. Our apps are compatible with mobile and tablet devices, and we ensure it works seamlessly with other digital devices as well. We use certain strategies to provide our services, such as,  

  1. We add no complex features and implement user-friendly ones only. 
  2. Our developers ensure the app and code are in sync
  3. We build fast-performing native Android apps that can bring more traffic to the client site. 
  4. Our team builds cross-platform apps for different users.

We add advanced and easy features so users can take reap the benefits of the app. This is also advantageous for your company as it can bring more conversion and increased ROI. At Rendement Technologies, our goal is to provide a seamless experience for each of our services, and we stand by that objective. Let’s find out the native app development services we provide. 

Our Services

Android App

We build a native Android app that is free of complications and bug issues. You will get full support and maintenance from our end all the time.

iOS App

In native app development, we also add iOS. Similar to Android, this is another highly used OS in the world. We offer high security and perfect performance in app development.

Tablet App

All Android and iOS apps do not work on tablet devices. Our developers create unique tablet apps for different companies, which can drive traffic to your business.

iPad App

We also create apps that commit to iPads. Our team crafts visually captivating and exceptionally functional iPad applications tailored to your company's specifications.

Custom App Development

We offer custom native apps and integrate cloud and other advanced features into it. However, we work as you direct us. Our team never adds a feature when the client hasn’t approved it.

AR Apps

AR apps are trending now, and it influences future development. With our augmented reality apps, you can attract your target customers faster and more easily.

The Process

Benefits of Native Android App Development

Identify New Business Opportunities

We guide businesses to identify their opportunities and help them build the best services for their target customers.

Premium User-Experience

When you build the native app, our team ensures that it provides the best user experience. Not just that, we ensure the application has the right feel and look which can draw the attention of target customers.

Added Features

Our team adds features based on your company's requirements. We don’t make the app confusing with lots of complicated features. Our goal is to make it useful and navigation friendly.

Outstanding Performance

Native Android apps are more responsive than other types. It has a few bug issues with hardware accelerations and multi-threading features.

Heightened Security

We not only make the app but apply increased security to it. Our team works hard to make the native app strong and hack-proof.

Our Native Android App Development Process

Why Choose Rendement Technologies for Your Native Android App Development Services?

Comprehensive App Development

We plan, create concepts, create the app, apply tests, ask for your input, and, upon permission, launch the app. Our team invests their time to build an app that reflects your business and ensures it draws more target customers.

Loyalty to Clients

We do not offer careless work to our clients. This is because we understand the toil of business and what each client needs. Thus, we offer highly secure and user-friendly apps.

Industry-Certified Procedure

Our team is an expert in various industry rules. Thus, they offer the certified process only and comply with various regulations to deliver the best outcome.

Maintenance and Support

As the top mobile app development service provider, we offer extensive support and maintenance to the app. Our team ensures that the native Android app works perfectly.


Find the Questions Our Clients Asked About Our Native Android App Development Services

Q. What is the least time you take to complete the project?

A. There is no least or maximum time for such projects. We generally complete the project within 3 weeks, but it can take more time due to the complexity and the size of the app. Whatever time it may take, our team ensures to deliver the job before the deadline.

A. No, we also offer hybrid app development. We have a skilled team of developers who is passionate about the projects and provide premium projects. 

A. Yes, we can do that for you. Provide us with your requirements and we can build you a perfect native app for your business. 

A. Yes. Our commitment lies in delivering customer-centric projects. You will get regular transparent reports from us on the app development. Not only that, you can provide us with your input on the project. . 

.A. Indeed, it will. C language and custom codes are the foundation of native apps. It reduces downtime and has no bug issues, which can save money. 

A. The cost depends on factors like the complexity and the requirements of the project. We evaluate and analyze the needs of your business first, then our team starts working on it. If you need anything extra, or our developers have to give additional time for your project, the cost will be higher. 

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