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Rendement Technologies is the top leading mobile app development agency in Kolkata.

We make it possible to reach out to a wide range of target customers through the mobile app. Our proficient team works tirelessly to develop a bespoke app that mirrors your brand and enterprise, thereby boosting both recognition and conversion rates. Our latest technological support is enough to drive more traffic and ROI with the app service.

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Rendement Technologies

Excellent Tech Partner for the Advanced Mobile App Development Services in India

We are the leading mobile app development company in Kolkata. With an expert team and years of experience, we create the most valuable and customized app solutions for all our clients. We are passionate about what we do, that’s the reason we have no hidden charges. We make our entire working process highly transparent, so our client can openly engage with the app development procedure.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all theory. That’s why we provide mobile app services that reflect your brand. This can draw better attention from your customers, and can lead to increased ROI.


Why We Are the Top Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

Being one of the top leading web design and development agencies in Kolkata, we at Rendement Technologies ensure a wide range of services to all our clients. We ensure to work at every step with our clients so they get the best outcome from their business website. While doing so, we maintain effective customer support and issue resolution so our clients can meet their company goals faster.

End-to-End Service Delivery

We plan, create, and launch your mobile app. We do not stop after delivering the app. You will get extensive support from our team.

Skilled Developers

We have a highly skilled team of developers who are proficient in handling any type of app development.

Exceptional Outcome

We use advanced and latest technologies to create the apps for your business. We also conduct competitor research so your app gets more popularity.


Mobile App Development Services We Provide at Rendement Technologies

We at Rendement Technologies have years of experience in this field to create an industry-certified mobile app for your business. We use cutting-edge technologies to create the app and ensure it provides a top-notch user experience. Here are the services we provide in our mobile app development category.

Rendement Technologies

Native Android App

We build C program-based native apps that have no bug issues and give a seamless user experience. Our native Android app does not rely on Cordova or similar systems, so you will get a perfect app experience for your business.

Rendement Technologies

Hybrid App

We create hybrid apps that work on all devices. We offer a hundred percent, scalable and robust app for your business needs. You create an application that reflects your brand, so it can draw more target customers into your business.

Rendement Technologies

Android and iOS Apps

We offer app development on popular platforms like Android and iOS. We create cost-effective solutions for our clients so they get the maximum benefits within a limited budget.

Rendement Technologies

On-Demand App Development Services

We can assist you with any type of on-demand app development, such as medicine, grocery and food delivery, fashion, grocery, logistics, cab booking, and more. Contact us today to know more about our excellent services.

Rendement Technologies

Wearable App Development Services

If you require an app that connects wearable devices, we can build you the same. You can get apps for smart glasses, jewelry, fitness bands, and watches.

Rendement Technologies

dApps Development

Our expert team has extensive knowledge of blockchain systems. Thus, we can build an app that caters to your FinTech and other industry-specific blockchain needs.

Rendement Technologies

IoT App Development

Internet of Things app development is another special service we provide at Rendement Technologies. Get the solution for healthcare systems, retails, vehicle driving, and smart home appliances.

Rendement Technologies

VR/AR App Development

We provide game apps that work fine with gaming devices. Just give us a call or ask for a quote to know more about our AR/VR app development services.


Our Mobile App Development Process

We visit our clients through email, phone, or in person.

Design and Wireframe Creation

We understand the requirements you have and your goals.

Better Development and Integration

We conduct a meeting to make strategies and create a prototype to show you what you need and what it might look like.

Proper Testing

We create the app just the way you wanted and upon your approval; we launch it.

Maintenance and Support

You get continuous support from our team even after we have delivered the app.


Reasons Why You Should Add a Mobile App to Your Business

The digital era has adopted us before we got used to it. At the same time, the world is evolving and the people in it making new things every other day. Make it a business need or an individual need, if you fail to appoint the innovations in your life, you might stay behind. This is very true for businesses. This is the reason; mobile apps are here to change the aspect of your business and bring it to the next level. We are explaining the reasons you need to integrate an app into your business in the 21st century.

Increased Brand Awareness

The brand is the spokesperson for your business. A company cannot go far without showcasing its brand value. Traditional websites are there to uplift your reputation in the market, but when you have a mobile app that offers the finest user experience, it will improve your brand reputation.

Better Engagement

People these days stay engaged in their smartphones, and what could be a better way to engage them more with your app? Users can buy, contact, browse, and share the app content, which makes it a hit already. Thus, you can integrate it with your business to get more traffic and conversion.

Generate Revenue

Mobile applications are efficient in drawing the attention of your target customers. There are various systems these days that can measure the buying preferences and styles of your target customers, and this very thing is applied in apps to increase revenue. Also, the app system automatically keeps reminding the user to clear their cart, which means it prompts them to buy it otherwise it will get sold. This technique helps customers make the purchasing decision.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

When a customer gets to use an app that works perfectly, and they can buy the products and services easily, it gives them satisfaction. As a business owner, if you can provide the same, it can bring more conversion to your business.

Creates Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is hard to earn. However, if you manage to do it with the mobile app, it can stay for a long time. You can do it through special deals, bonuses, coupons, and discounts. All of these little things can draw more customers than your company website.


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Find the answers to some frequently asked questions about web design and development from our clients

A. It can take 4 weeks to complete the app development. However, it can vary on the factors like the size and its requirements. Once we take on the project, we can give you an estimation.

A. Both platforms are popular with mobile users across the world. We offer platforms that you suggest or that go with the reputation and requirements of your business.

A. Before we start working on the app development, we sign a contract with you describing all the important details. Here, one of the points mentions that we do not utilize the technology and the code we used previously with any client. We provide new source code for each client, so it stays safe.

A. We have a skilled team that can develop all sorts of apps, such as hybrid, native, and web apps. Contact us today to know more about our services.

A. We upload the apps on Google Play Store and App Store. Your customers can download it from there. Also, we add the link to your website so users can directly access the app download page on their mobile.

A. Yes, absolutely! SEO is the backbone of a website and we at Rendement ensure your website is SEO optimized from the get-go. We will also make sure that your business site gets the best rank on the search engines.

A. Yes, absolutely! We offer a comprehensive approach to all our clients, which means we do not back away just after delivering the app. You can contact us any time with any issues with the app and our team will be happy to assist you.