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Experience the Excellence of Outdoor Advertising with Rendement Technologies in Kolkata

Experience the best out-of-home advertising services with Rendement Technologies. As we are one of the leading digital marketing companies in Kolkata, it’s our job to make sure you get the perfect ROI. 

Digital Marketing Services

Rendement Technologies is one of the best OOH ad service providers in Kolkata. Our out-of-home ads services include on-screen ads, mall advertising, billboard, hoarding ads, and more. Our dedicated approach blends with strategy, in-depth planning, and creativity to grasp the expectations of our clients

Outdoor advertising is the method of ads that are for the customers who can see it once they are out of their homes. Since people spend a lot of time outside their homes, it makes OOH ads more effective. These types of ads increase visibility and awareness, which can lead to better conversion rates. OOH ads are cost-effective, have a high reach, and are very impactful. 

Out of Home Ads at Rendement Technologies

We are an experienced OOH ad agency in Kolkata, with a dedicated team to offer creative work for our clients. We not only put up the ads in specific areas, we research, plan, test the possibilities and then execute the strategies. Our process is different from other agencies in Kolkata. 

We maintain industry-certified rules to create our ads and offer tailor-made services to our clients. We have tie-ups with industry experts and a connection with various networks that helps us provide the best ads. At Rendement, we don’t stop after putting up the ads. We monitor and track the customer engagements, and give a detailed report to you. As a client, you can participate in our work process, give your input, and we will be happy to add your ideas to our plans. We strive to create a personalized experience for everyone and keep our ways transparent. 

We offer various OOH ad services that no other outdoor ad agency provides in the city. Our approaches are not unique, but it’s client oriented. We like to know about your services first, the goals and budget you have, and only then we will conduct a meeting about your proposition. We always strive to live up to our reputation, and that’s why we are the top leading OOH ad service provider company in India. 

Why OOH Ads are Popular in Kolkata?

OOH ad in Kolkata is one of the most popular ways of promoting your business. Read about the reasons below.

  • • Unlike other advertisement systems, it cannot be blocked, skipped, changed, or switched off. We can keep the ads up until the campaign ends.

  • • We also offer Durga puja branding, which can bring better conversion during the festive season.

  • List Title

    • Vehicle advertisement makes it easier to grab the attention of daily commuters, and our creative ads always make a lasting impression.

  • • The traffic on various busy streets creates a big opportunity to display your business ads. It can be a big traditional billboard or a digital ad. We will display it when the traffic flow is high.

  • • Advertising in particular areas in the city can always increase the attention of target customers.

Why Work with Rendement Technologies?

Our work techniques are unique, and we have a dedicated team for OOH ads that makes our services special. There are many reasons why you should work with us. 

Custom Ad Services

At Rendement Technologies, we have years of experience on this platform. We also understand that one size will never fit your expectations and will not meet your business goals. Keeping that in mind, we create custom ad experiences according to your business needs. This ensures better conversion and draws target customers.

Innovation and Creativity

We believe in offering unique and authentic experiences for our clients. This is the reason; we implement innovation and creativity in the out-of-the-home ads. So, it can yield more customers and bring better conversion. We monitor your competitors and work hard to keep your company at the top of the market.

Exceptional Outdoor Ads Service

At Rendement we just don’t offer billboards for your brand, we ensure it provides better results. We have years of experience and a dedicated team to take care of the ads and track the interactions of your target customers. We create ad campaigns and keep working on them, reporting the outcomes to you until you get the best result.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies to create ads based on the latest trends and catchphrases. This ensures guaranteed action from your customers. We do not work like other agencies in Kolkata who just use traditional methods. We offer catchy and authentic ideas for the OOH advertising and we have a dedicated team to execute each plan we make. We also include you in our strategy-making and hold meetings, provide reports to keep you in sync with our work process.

Client Oriented

We are not only a data-driven but client-oriented company in India. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients, so they return for more services.

Our OOH Ads Services

We at Rendement Technologies offer a comprehensive solution to OOH ads. Our services are authentic and highly professional. Find out from the following services we provide. 

Innovative Campaigns

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all services to our clients. Thus, we create unique ideas for OOH ads.

Hoarding Ads

This is a traditional medium, and we offer up-to-date ad services for all our clients. We ensure that traditional hoarding ads can also bring more conversions if displayed properly.

Mall Ads

Kolkata has various malls all over. We take this opportunity to display your business ads in the famous malls and make sure of a proper placement so customers can easily spot the advertisement and take action.

Bus Ads

We offer ads on buses and other public transportation in Kolkata. We post ads on the back of the bus to ensure it’s visible to everyone.

Metro Ads

Our OOH ad services consist of metro advertising. We create ads to display on the inside and outside of Metro trains and the stations as well. We take care of the right placement, so your customers can view it easily.

Durga Puja Branding

This is our special service at Rendement Technologies. We offer OOH ads during the festive season in Kolkata and outside of the city. We put up traditional hoardings, digital ads, and different advertising services during the pandals, at the side of the streets, and in the puja areas, during the entire puja time. This is to increase your brand awareness and bring more conversion to your company.

Traffic Signal Ads

We put up digital and traditional ads on bustling roads and traffic signal points. For digital ads, we ensure the ad is displayed just when the traffic flow starts. We create authentic and unique content so the target customers feel compelled to interact with your website and take action.


Check Out the Questions Related to Our OOH Advertising Services

Q. How much does Rendement Technologies charge for OOH ads?

A. The cost of our OOH ads depends on various factors, like the size and the requirements of the service. However, we ensure more affordable rates than most other agencies in Kolkata because we value our reputation and understand the hardships of building a business. Contact us today to get a quote. . 

A. You just have to contact us; give us your requirements and we will take care of the rest for you. We offer a comprehensive service to our clients, that’s why we are a reliable OOH ads agency in Kolkata. 

A. There are many benefits of hiring a professional company. First of all, they will take care of your ad needs, no matter the size or type of your business. Track customer interactions, monitor your competitors, provide transparent reports, and help you increase ROI. 


A. It’s an uncertain thing to commit to for any digital outreach company out there. It might take a week or a month and there’s no exact timeline for the best result. 

.A. No one can commit the time to such things. It can take a day, a week, or months to show the results. However, we will always track and monitor the outcomes for you

A. You can book the ads for a specific period. The charges will be different for the time length you choose. However, if you are booking an ad campaign with us, leave this responsibility to our team, as they understand it better. 


. .

A. We don’t keep any charges hidden from you. However, if you request extra service, or something that is not mentioned in the package, or our team has to give extra time for your project, it’s chargeable. 

A. If there’s natural damage to the OOH ads, the client has to bear the expenses of a new advertisement. Contact us to know more about it. 

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