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You can avoid all cross-platform app development headaches with our services. Our extensive hybrid app development services can handle all types of cross-platform app development issues. We offer fully customized solutions for hybrid apps that are compatible with a wide range of digital devices. With our hybrid app development services, you can efficiently create a highly functional app that suits your business needs. Our expert developers comprise functions such as software development, and graphic and UX designing. From our experienced team, you will get a 100% dependable, scalable, robust, and customizable app.

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Rendement Technologies

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Our premium hybrid app development service allows clients to use the best of cross-platform applications and increases ROI. We have an expert team of developers who use UX and UI processes to design the apps. With our app development services, you can draw the attention of your target customers in a better way. In addition to developing your hybrid app, we oversee your competitors' applications to guarantee superior functionality and performance for your own app. It's all thanks to our years of experience and our dedicated graphic designers and developers that we can provide a premium quality hybrid app to you. Contact us today to know more about our excellent services.


Hybrid App Development Services at Rendement Technologies

As the best hybrid app development service provider in Kolkata, we build applications that offer high performance and quality. Our services include:

Rendement Technologies

Hybrid App Development

Our expert team creates UI/UX design apps for your company. We use the latest technologies to build the app and add feasible features.

Rendement Technologies

Flutter App

We create flutter-based applications. Our team can help you in each stage, starting from the planning, designing, developing, and launching.

Rendement Technologies

HTML 5 App

We have years of experience in this field, which leads us to offer HTML 5 app development services. Our team streamlines applications and different systems to create the perfect app.

Rendement Technologies

PhoneGap App

Our expert team provides PhoneGap app services that are user-friendly, scalable, and rich with features. This superior app allows you to strengthen your business, and get increased ROI.

Rendement Technologies

Native React Applications

You can create a feature-rich, scalable, user-friendly app using our native React application process. This helps you to create robust services and take your business to the next level.

Rendement Technologies

Improved Branding

Our expert developers are dedicated to providing you with the best branding experience that you will not get anywhere else. We work with you to select the right fonts and colors that define your brand.


The Benefits of Hybrid App Development Services at Rendement Technologies

We are one of the best hybrid app developers in India. Our years of experience speak about our professional work. We believe in giving our 100% through our dedicated projects and strive to offer satisfaction to the clients.

Result Driven App Development

We create apps that drive results, not promises. Our team works relentlessly to offer the best hybrid app development for our clients that caters to their business.

Outstanding Delivery Method

We understand the ever-changing business industry. Thus, we follow the iterative and flexible approach to app development that offers agility and frequent improvement.

Scalable Mobile Applications

Our expert team creates scalable apps that work on various platforms, including iOS and Android. We use a unique code system that runs perfectly and users can get the best of it.

Cross-Platform Apps

Our apps are cross-platform and accessible from any device. A cross-platform app can help you reach an increased number of conversions and can fulfill your company goals.

Premium App Development

As a leading mobile app development company in Kolkata, we offer premium hybrid app services. Our team of experts creates different applications based on the company requirements only.


Hybrid App Development Process at Rendement Technologies

We use cross-platform app development functions to offer better migration and design. We also offer support and various tests before launching the app.

Identify the Scopes

Our developers identify the scopes of hybrid app development. After comprehending your business requirements, our team devises a plan to construct the new app.

App Prototyping

We don’t just offer you the app, our team creates a prototype first to get your permission first. If everything’s fine, we start working on the project.

Aesthetic Design

Once we have your permission, our team starts to plan the design. Here too, we ask for your input, so the app finally reflects your business.

App Development

After planning and designing the app, we work on the development of it. We use programming codes and unique ideas to develop the app.

Various Testing

Our developers conduct various tests to ensure the functionality and overall performance of the hybrid app.

App Launch

We launch the hybrid app in App Store or Google Play Store after carefully checking the performance and eliminating the issues. After this, we provide the final project to you and offer extensive support.


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Answers to Some Top Questions Our Clients Has Asked About Our Hybrid App Development Service

A. Yes, you can. Our developers are experts in adding all the features of both operating systems. We can make a hybrid app that covers all aspects and make it highly user-friendly.

A. Yes, we can. Give us the app to us, and we can renew it to a better one. We work with cutting-edge technologies and prefer to build you an app that caters to your business only. That’s why, your new app will be the ideal version of your brand.

A. It depends on many factors, such as the requirements, its complexity, and the scope of the entire project. However, the final price is usually very cost-effective, because we work based on your budget and understand the cost of good business.

A. There are many reasons for it. First of all, a professional service gives you timely delivery and just the work you desired. On the other hand, professionals are skilled and experts in this field, and they do not ask for any hidden charges or heightened fees for the work. These are the reasons, you should choose Rendement Technologies because we are the leading hybrid app development service provider in Kolkata.

A. Normally, it takes three weeks, but the time depends on the complexity and the size of the project. However, at Rendement Technologies, we give you a specific timeline, and our team finishes the work within or before the deadline always.

A. Yes, we can add both versions to the app, and ensure that it fits your requirements and the demand of your target customers. If you feel that your business needs a bigger screen, we can provide that too.

A. It’s not required. A website solely for your business coupled with an app can enhance customer understanding of features and drive-up traffic. So, we highly recommend it.