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Meta ads are a hybrid system of advertising. To start with these ads, you have to know the power of Facebook advertising. The platform has over 3.5 billion users, and among them, many are selling their products through this platform. The competition is very high, and it can be frustrating and confusing at the same time to keep up with everything. This is where Rendement Technologies can help you with your campaigns by creating unique content and sharing it on relevant platforms. We can focus on promoting your business so you receive the widest range of customers for your website.

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Best Meta Ads Packagesin Kolkata

When you hire the services of Rendement Technologies for Meta ads services, no matter the size or type of business you have, we will be there to guide you from scratch. We offer a comprehensive service for Meta ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or any other Meta-established platforms.

We are the one-stop solution in Kolkata for your Meta ads requirements, and our expert team works relentlessly to provide you with the desired results. We optimize, create and monitor the ads for you while you handle other important tasks of your company.

Our team provides unique content management and monitors the results of the ads from the moment it goes live.

We offer a cost-effective approach for all our clients that allows us to keep our years of experience intact. You will also get effective ad campaigns and leave the responsibility to us. We ensure that your ad campaign gets the best result and more interactions from your target audience.

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Our portfolio showcases our expertise in Digital Marketing and our ability to deliver results for our clients. We take pride in the success stories of our clients and the impact we have had on their businesses. Browse our portfolio to see for yourself!

What are the Benefits of Meta Ads?

If you are tired of the traditional marketing system and want to get a better response from your target customers, Meta ads are the best way to achieve that. We at Rendement Technologies offer traditional to modern all kinds of approaches to your ad needs.

Meta ads platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger give opportunities for sponsored ads, and organic advertisement as well. You will get options like an infographic, carousel, and video ads, and can boost your posts. You can also target a specific age group and area for your business. It can help you increase brand awareness and get more audience to get better conversion.

At Rendement Technologies, we help you with Meta ads, as we create unique content with images and videos based on your business requirements.

How Much Should You Invest in Meta Ads?

The expenses for Meta ads depend on your budget, competition, target customers, and your business objectives. Here are some factors to help you decide the expenses of Meta Ads.

Target Customers

The scope and the size of the target customers play a huge role in the investment in Meta ads. If your target is a large audience, then the budget will be big. Alternatively, if you are targeting a specific age or type of audience, the investment will not be large.

Business Goals

The objectives you have in your business play a crucial role. If you want to boost conversion, generate leads, drive traffic, improve brand awareness, and more, it can cost more. However, with fewer objectives, the price will decrease.

Market Competition

The product or service you are selling might have a hard competition in the market. Based on the tough features of this, the cost can be higher.

Return on Investment

You are after increased ROI, and you are targeting Meta Ads for this. If you want an improved return on investment, it can cost more. Just remember that the amount you invest can be adjusted after some time, and slowly it will grow the engagement and offer better returns. We monitor the responses and interactions of your target audiences.

Market Competition

The product or service you are selling might have a hard competition in the market. Based on the tough features of this, the cost can be higher.

Return on Investment

You are after increased ROI, and you are targeting Meta Ads for this. If you want an improved return on investment, it can cost more. Just remember that the amount you invest can be adjusted after some time, and slowly it will grow the engagement and offer better returns. We monitor the responses and interactions of your target audiences.

Optimization and Testing

To get better results, testing, and optimization are important. Based on these tasks, you have to consider the budget of the Meta ads.

Cost Per Click

You have to pay per click made on your ads. This can help you estimate the overall cost. You can contact Rendement Technologies to get better guidance.

The Pricing Model of Meta Ads

Meta ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger have different pricing models. The two major models are:

CPM or Cost Per 1000 Impressions

CPM or Cost Per 1000 Impressions- for this you have to pay for every 1000 impressions in your advertisement. This section is perfect for campaigns. You have to set the maximum bid to pay for the impressions, and the Meta system optimizes the ad delivery to increase the impression according to your expenses.

CPC or Cost Per Click

CPC or Cost Per Click- In this section, you will have to pay for each click made on your ad. This model is used for improving actions, generating leads, and increasing traffic to your business website. Meta ads system uses an auction system to decide which ads will be on the front based on the payment of the companies. When you start an ad campaign, you have to specify the bidding strategy, budget, and target audience.

Furthermore, the Meta system also provides other ad objectives and pricing models, such as CPA or cost per action.

At Rendement Technologies, we take care of these types of Meta ads for your business, while you focus on other important works of your company.


Our Meta Ads Packages Include

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We at Rendement have the objective of bringing a better flow of traffic to your Facebook ads and website. Keeping this goal in mind, we offer better content management and strategies.

Rendement Technologies

Engagement Ads

We make sure that your target customers engage with your content, and interact in a better way through likes, shares, and comments. The algorithm of Facebook will optimize the advertisement and show it to people who are searching for the same service or product.

Rendement Technologies

Brand Awareness

At Rendement Technologies, we focus on how your brand looks on social media platforms. We create special brand awareness among your target customers. We bring your brand to the front so it gets the best focus when a new service or product launches.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important objective of Meta ads. We at Rendement Technologies handle this section for you. We create unique ads and add relevant keywords to build the best advertisement that gives you better leads and conversion for your business.

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Catalog Sales

This is a type of Meta ad that promotes the services and products from your website catalog, and it drives sales to your app or directly to business. The Facebook algorithm optimizes the ad and allows it to display for the users.

Rendement Technologies

App Promotion

When you choose App installs among your goals, the algorithm of Facebook will optimize the content t show it to the people who want to download the application.

Why It’s Important to Post Meta Ads?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with almost 2.93 billion users. Every day it gets 6 new accounts. Other than being the most famous social media platform, it provides a solid solution for ads.

You can use Meta ads services if you want to improve the following sections of your business.

  • You want to stay ahead in the market competition
  • You want to grow your campaigns with a minimum cost
  • You want to increase organic leads and traffic from Meta ads referrals.
  • You want to gain better exposure for your brand


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Some Questions on Meta Ads Packages from Our Clients

A. We at Rendement Technologies offer affordable rates for all kinds of Meta ads. You will get the service according to your needs, and the pricing will never be an issue, because we offer competitive rates that you will not find anywhere else.

A. Yes, you can do that. You will have a Facebook business account for that, and there you have to add your phone number and other contact details. Through this information, your customers can reach you. Also, they can check out the services on the Facebook page. However, having a website for your business will help you draw more customers, as they can check your site and know more about your services. At Rendement Technologies, we also offer website design and development services at a very affordable rate.

A. You have to ensure the number of ads you want to post on Facebook. Too many or small amounts might not yield the desired results. That’s why we at Rendement Technologies offer twice-a-week or weekly ads for your business based on your requirements. We also ensure a specific time for the posts, when the traffic is high on the platform.

A. It depends on various factors. This includes the size, the requirements, and other things. According to a study, it can take 2 to 8 weeks to make a profit from a Meta ad. However, if it’s for a brand awareness campaign, it might take longer to provide a profitable outcome.

A. When it comes to Meta ads, the one-size-fits-all theory is a myth. You have to consider how much you want to spend on these ads and the amount you want in return. You also have to target your customers and areas to fulfill the campaign objectives. You can start with 2% of your marketing budget on Meta ads. However, if you have limited resources, you can go for a smaller amount, and gradually increase the budget as you get better results. Our social media experts in Rendement Technologies will always be there to help you with various Meta ads packages.

A. Both are profitable in their ways. If you want to target social media-specific audiences, meta-ads are good. On the other hand, for the overall approach, Google ads are better. At Rendement Technologies, we are here to help you with your advertisement requirements.

A. There aren’t the best days or less profitable days. It depends on your business objectives and the results you want to achieve. For this, we are here to help you. Our expert team ensures that your ads are shared on the right days, and they monitor the results as well.

A. It depends on how you want to use it. If you are posting the ads of your business on your account to show it to your friends, then it’s free. However, if you use Facebook to market, then you have to pay for it.

A. Facebook ads are very crucial if you want to reach out to a major number of customers in an efficient way. It can provide more conversions and leads.