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Are here to help you listen to what your target customers are talking about your brand.

We offer a comprehensive solution for SMM or social media marketing in Kolkata, so you can grow the online presence of your business. Our services include social media monitoring, content creation, and distribution on the online platform.

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Drive Better Results with Our SMM Services

Many people have the misconception that having more friends and followers can bring better sales. But it’s not about the number of followers you have. What matters is the rate of interactions and engagement one has on the social media platform. If you are looking for conversion rates, you have come to the right professionals. Rendement Technologies has an experienced team who can guide you to achieve the perfect result. We develop unique campaigns and create better social media strategies, so your business gets better recognition. We interact with your target audience and provide valuable content to make sure you have a proper connection with followers.

Influence Matters Not Your Social Media Page Followers

Having many friends and followers on your social media pages can give you a very pleasant feeling. However, when it comes to social media marketing, the scenario is different. Here, even though you have lots of followers and friends, your company products do not sell the way you have desired. This is the time you need to understand that influence and engagement of target customers matter the most.

Rendement Technologies believes in providing a comprehensive solution to all aspects of social media marketing. We make sure that your online presence does not just stay as a mere page, but gets better traffic and conversion from the target audiences. Our approach includes ad campaigns, blog posting, common posts, and more. We strive to give better customer and business relations to our clients, so they get better results.

Also, we don’t just provide any posts on social media pages. Our content management and SEO team handle this department effectively, so your social media page gets more attention. We strive to offer only valuable content and ad campaigns that result in increased ROI.

Rendement Technologies
Rendement Technologies

What are theAdvantages of Social Media Marketing

95% of netizens between the age of 18 to 34 and more use social media platforms, and follow various brands.

90% of businesses experienced an increase in their sales through social media marketing. Their initiatives paid off just after they started with a reliable service.

Half a million of the small business owners in the industry use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get in touch with their target customers.

90% of social media platform users daily attempt to buy from the advertised companies and brands. Making this huge sales opportunity for small to big companies.

71% of users who have bought or rendered services from a social media ad tend to refer the company or brand to others.

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Our portfolio showcases our expertise in Digital Marketing and our ability to deliver results for our clients. We take pride in the success stories of our clients and the impact we have had on their businesses. Browse our portfolio to see for yourself!


What We Provide in Our SMM Services

We provide one of the leading services, such as campaign planning, creation of valuable content, and distribution in all channels. We also provide detailed analysis and reporting to our clients. Our goal is to provide a tailored solution to the needs of our clients.

Rendement Technologies

Market Competition Solution

When it comes to SMM, it’s crucial to pay attention to your competitors in the market. Rendement Technologies can help you monitor the market competition. Our expert team analyzes and identifies the strength and weaknesses of the competitors and based on that they build social media marketing strategies.

Rendement Technologies

Social Campaigns

We provide the best social campaigns from our end. We create the entire campaign and help brands to get better results on social media platforms. Our social media campaigns include planning, creation, and effective distribution. We also offer detailed monthly analyzes and reports.

Rendement Technologies

Paid Campaigns

Our goal is always result driven. Thus, we offer an effective solution to all your paid social media campaigns. Whether it’s a small or a big business, we are here to offer a comprehensive solution for paid campaigns on any social media platform.

Rendement Technologies

Campaign Tracking

Your social media objectives depend on the metrics, and the same will decide the goals. For each objective, you need to check if the strategy is functional. It’s a relief that as a business owner, you don’t have to handle these metrics and goals, because Rendement will make sure to give your data-driven results.

Rendement Technologies

Website Integration

We at Rendement Technologies help you boost your business website with different features, widgets, and valuable content. We also make sure to add social media share buttons on your brand website so your customers can engage in a better way.

Rendement Technologies

Social Reputation Monitoring

Your online reputation determines the increase in conversion and traffic to your business website. We provide crisis management services and effective social media monitoring to improve your presence on all platforms.


Why Choose Social Media Marketing Services with Rendement Technologies

There are countless reasons why you should hire our WordPress development services. We have years of experience that speaks for our expertise, and we offer less is more ideas in our designs. So, our clients get an aesthetic approach to their websites. Our custom development service includes operations from scratch. We not only create the website, but design, develop, optimize, and maintain it.

We have had a solid presence in the business industry for a long time, and we understand the requirements of social media marketing are unique for each company. Thus, we can provide them with a tailored service according to their business needs.

We have an expert team who can guide you with the SMM services, so you understand our working process and provide your valuable opinions.

At Rendement Technologies, we are goal-oriented and always strive to offer the perfect results for our customers. Which is the reason we handle each campaign with utmost care.

With our SMM services, we deliver the best online presence for your company, which always results in increased ROI.

To ensure the perfect result from social media marketing services, we use cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends for each client's website.

Our experienced team can guide you in creating better social media strategies that are tailored to your brand needs and goals.

Rendement Technologies also monitor your initiatives on social media pages and keep track of the competitors so your business never falls behind in the market.


Types of Social Media Marketing Services

Rendement Technologies

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is a very important social media platform for any company out there. Almost every company in the world uses Facebook to gain more traffic and conversion. With our successful organic and paid campaigns, you can get the best data-driven results. No matter the size of an organization, we ensure the best and result-driven Facebook marketing services for everyone.

Rendement Technologies

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is a very powerful platform for this generation. Previously people didn’t care much about the blue bird on their digital devices. But as time changed, from businesses to celebrities and common people, everyone opened their accounts on this platform. At Rendement Technologies, we do not want you to stay behind in trends and the latest campaigns. Thus, we provide efficient Twitter marketing services for all our clients, so they can receive more leads.

Rendement Technologies

LinkedIn Marketing Agency

Companies and job seekers find their solace in LinkedIn, which is a very celebrated social media platform for everyone. Our job here is to post valuable links and content so your company gets the perfect focus. We specialize in better LinkedIn campaigns so that your brand ads get more responses from target customers. When it comes to competition, we ensure that your brand stays at the top. Our team will always be there to help you gain the upper hand on LinkedIn campaigns.

Rendement Technologies

Instagram Marketing Solutions

With Rendement’s successful and affordable Instagram marketing solutions, you can take your brand reputation to the next level. We allow you to monitor the posts and run paid ads so you can be sure the type of engagement is currently happening on your page. Rendement Technologies know the process of making each campaign successful, and our expert team makes sure you get favorable outcomes at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Marketing Services

Some crucial questions our clients ask regarding our social media marketing solutions.

A. Yes, social media marketing and optimization can help you get more conversion and traffic to your business website, and extend your reach. Optimizing your posts can help you create a better presence with your target customers and followers. Furthermore, perfect optimization can help you achieve a better online presence, and it can guide you toward better growth for your business.

A. We, at Rendement Technologies, customize a comprehensive social media service for businesses of all sizes.Our packages include monthly analysis, reports, market monitoring, posts, campaigns, commenting on posts, and adding queries, managing and creating different types of social media accounts. We also offer customized packages according to your company's needs.

A. No. At Rendement Technologies, our work is based on strong ethics. Thus, we ask for the charges only for the services you have rendered from us. You can ask for a quotation from our official website and our responsible team will get back to you with the right price listing for each service. Also, the fees depend on the length and complications of the projects. Besides, it may be chargeable if you expect us to respond to customer queries and complaints outside the normal work hours.

A. We ensure timely social media posts and provide valuable content always. Our team will post content on your social media pages at least 2 to 3 times a week.

A. Yes, absolutely! You can continue adding your content on the social media pages while we do our work on the platform. However, we suggest that you avoid making any posts about a major campaign or announcements until our team has a chance to test and verify them. This will help your social media marketing strategies to work perfectly on all relevant platforms.

A. Yes, you can surely do that. Rendement Technologies will help you post your own content on your social media profiles. We will ensure that the content is posted effectively so you get more engagement and followers.